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A War fought on Pride & Prejudices 1

Part 1 of a series of 3 articles

I am an observer and a keen storyteller. In recent years, I have come to love History, Economy, Geopolitics and the study of the Human Population.

I am a trained Communicator having spent much time in the Advertising Industry and I am also a Marketing lead, making me an agent of Capitalism and post my MBA, I became a student and thereafter tutor for the subjects Scenario Planning and Corporate Strategy at my Alma Mater here in KL for a couple of years.

Allow me a few minutes to entertain you amidst this global Movement Control Order (MCO) as the world deals with COVID-19 pandemic, originating from Wuhan, China. I am sure many of us are wondering what the world would be like or should be like, as this global crisis is bringing the mighty human race and all its institution to its knees.

Did we not see this coming? Here is what I think…

Let us start with a video. I did say I will entertain you didn’t I?

As I share my story, do bear with me as I will be jumping in between facts, events and my timeline of reference may not be linear. And thanks for staying this far. This is Part 1 of a 3 Parts Series broken down to :

Part 1 : The United States of America : Prejudices, Power and Presidents.

Part 2 : The People’s Republic of China : Pride, Prosperity and Policies.

Part 3 : The Rest of the World : Now Consider This…

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It is prudent to mention here that the human population at the beginning of the 20th century and 3000 years before that merely touched 2 Billion people and today 20 years into the 21st century, we are a race of 7.3 Billion strong, excluding live stocks, pets and animals in the wild, cumulatively requires the same basic resources as us to survive. Earth suddenly became a crowded and noisy planet. The graph chart shows our sharp rise to be the most populous species in the shortest time ever. And for that feat. we got much to thank to early Industrialisation and Sanitation. With the latter should serve as a reminder that we fall like flies when our environment lacks hygiene.

Much of the actions in the early 19th and 20th century were taking place in Europe and Asia with the fall of empires, the birth of nations, wars fought on speeches and opium and the turn of a new world order post 2 World Wars, The United Nations was formed and the International Declaration of Human Rights was drafted, Oil becomes a commodity countries would fight over. Secularism, Captalism, Communism, Materialism, Individualism, Mass Media, Space Travel, Global Village, The Internet, Robotics, Automation, AI, I4.0, IoT, IFTTT …. our last 20 years has been nothing but stellar.

Part 1 : The United States of America : Prejudices, Power and Presidents.

“I want to buy the world a Coke and keep ot company. It’s the real thing, what’s the world wants today!” — Lyrics from an old Coke Commercial from the USA in the 70's.

Having won its independence in a war fought with the Crown has set the tone for this nation to define and build itself. America in all its pivotal moments of history is a story of humanity’s rise against suppression and control. The Land of the Free. As the early settlers from Europe start to arrive in numbers to the East Coast of North America, they moved inland to the Mid West, building towns and cities as population grew. Essentially in this period, America was left alone to define itself in isolation from the world's woes, the Freedom Agenda takes shape with Science and Technology through Innovation exploded all across Northern America and because the world post World Wars look to America to refurnish itself, a new Economic model is born. Innovations enjoys patent protection, charging a premium for that life changing/enhancing/saving product and monopolises a category for a good few years before others are allowed to produce the same. Suddenly with global demand, a race was on from all sectors to create products, apparels, music, movies and anything consumable. leading to the inception of the seat of Capitalism, Wall Street or Corporate America. And a very intricate relationship is formed between the Wolves of Wall Street (no pun intended) and the Lambs (Baaa…)of Capital Hill, one that bent on protecting US economic interests, it’s products and its companies in its quest to feed the world on a new high with Industrialised Materialism.

“We come here with strong value propositions to help US to strengthen it’s economy. Proposal 1 :Beyond USD 10Billion with provision to get Air Asia to buy GE Engines. Proposal 2 : EPF to invest another USD 4Billion on top of current USD 7Billion to boost US infrastructure. Proposal 3 : Khazanah Sovereign Wealth Fund to invest an additional from current USD 400Mil. “— excerpt from then PM Najib Razak of Malaysia at a pre-arranged (scripted?) meeting with President Trump at the White House on September 2017.

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Countries that don’t fall in line were either embargoed or were painted with much Prejudice as the enemy of Freedom. Power was in the hands of America as it awoke to a Post WW2 world, crumbled, young, feeble and desperate. The President of the United States overtaken even Queen of England and even The Pope as a Global Figurehead to be reckoned with and The State of the Union speeches is more eagerly listened to versus the Pope’s annual address to the world from his balcony on Easter morning, called Urbi et Orbi, From the City to the World. American capitalistic policies were influencing the modern world, to its own benefit.

And as mighty Russia freezes in the Cold War only to warm up as a loosely put democratic nation and the fall of the Berlin Wall led to newer markets and accessibility to more consumers to buy US products, it grew from strength to strength and given much demand for the US Dollar. The American influence continues to grow and its culture began to replace traditional cultures and American degrees and ideologies took root among many nationalistic heroes of modern politics and American Entertainment is said to be the modus operandi to further its capitalistic agenda under the guise of Free Trade in cohorts with the WTO, IMF, World Bank and its allies, the likes of Australia, Japan, The UK,Saudi Arabia and to an extent India were bent on aiding this modern Economic Imperialist subjugating nations, and making them borrow beyond what they need and afford to service only its interest with a growing debt base.Nations fall further into debts that lasts for generations so that they can stand side by side The United States as true partners as they borrow to industrialize and push for higher GNP, all for the benefit the American economy and wealth.

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The 70’s was high, the 80’s went in a Pop and the 90’s became the Design of the Decade. America pushes on. In warfare, America built its strength in advance weaponry in air and sea combat, as the continent is rather far away, divided both sides by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and zero threat from any Latin American Countries and let alone Canada (and Japan would never risk another sneak attack…). This advantage of being far from any Continental Mainland say Europe or China, warrants little use for tanks and advance infantry transport or land to air missile launchers but the impressive Navy armada of Air Craft Carrier's with its Sea to Air Tomahawk Missiles and a couple of nuclear warhead ballistics, and the mighty US Air Force, with its never ending improvements to its fighter jets starting with its howling F-16 to the insanely cool F35 Stealth Bomber that comes with a whopping price tag of USD 115Mil.

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The United States in its glorious 50 years at the end of the 20th Century has built a formidable figthing force cutting across both oceans with bases in Belgium, Afganistan, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Germany, Macedonia, Kuwait, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Cuba, Italy,Iceland, Qatar, Turkey, Israel, Portugal, Bahrain, The Bahamas and Australia of course.

A barrel of crude hit USD152 on May 2008, an all time historic high.

And much of US warfare was fought on their so called superior Intelligence front, remnants of it’s Cold War network that in recent times have been known to instigate political unrest that leads to change of power and governments. And it would be a my own prejudice view on this matter, but the American Art of War is predictive, aims only to instigate and wholly self serving if not for greater “peacekeeping efforts.” What are the UN Peacekeeping Corp for then? -me thinking out loud.

Who can ever forget the so called “WOMD” excuse given to justify an invasion by US and its allied forces into Iraq, storming into Baghad as the world watches heroic US troops with state of the art night combat gears and its stealth bombers raid the one peaceful Iraqi skies, resulting in the fall of the Saddam regime. Analysts would say that it is a poor excuse of failed Intelligence to justify an invasion and the absence of Saddam and his style of governance has torn Iraq into a warlord state it is today. They tried the same with Syria with an excuse of Chemical warfare, only to have Russia calling its bluff making Syria the only Arab nation that did not sprung and today is still locked in a civil war with Russian supported Bashar al-Assad Government and the American trained “Freedom Fighters”. Lest we forget the CIA trained and armed Freedom Fighters, the fearful Mujaheddin fighters of Afganistan whom later used their knowledge to ambush attack the Americans. Oh by the way, did you know that the only war that America ever lost was the Vietnam War as Hanoi supported by the Communist China pushes southward for Saigon (now Ho Chih Min City) and eventually unified Vietnam as Socialist Republic of Vietnam Cộng hòa xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam, much credit to the Viet Congs superior command of the land’s topography and guerrilla warfare which took American troops by surprise.

Back to America shall we?

With its justified invasions and majority of Middle East Oil producing countries except Iran producing for world consumption at the command of the United States. It allows US to control supply and pricing of oil in a world that runs on fossil fuels to drive its economic growth has little option but to dig deep into its coffers to buy US Dollar for oil. Capitalism has a new home and it is called The United States of America, its spokesperson is non other but its President and the world dances to its tune with strings attached.

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Enter 2000, The United States welcome China into the World Trade Organisation (WTO). And here is where a new Super Power is awaiting its time, having slept for 600 year or so to once again receive The Mandate of Heaven and resume its role in civilizing, young nations. We hear echoes from the hallowed halls of socialism with men and women of yesteryear and now, shouting words like that of Chairman Mao’s slogan which became China’s motto, “Serve the People” or “Service for the People” 为人民服务, to President Deng’s forward thinking-ness in pursuing these 4 areas for economic growth, namely economy, agriculture, science, defense and lastly President Xi and his Four Comprehensives 四个全面战略布局 — promoting prosperity, deepening reforms, strengthening rule of law, and stressing party discipline.

Let’s talk about China now shall we?

Click here for Part 2 : The People’s Republic of China : Pride, Prosperity and Policies.



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